Sports Photography - Kids On Wheels

Sports Photography is a whole other world than a shoot in a studio. Specially when the sports arena is an old multifunction building from the 80ies with no or bad light - as experienced last sunday. However, when I get to hang around a sports field anyway I seize the opportunity to do what I love the most and take some pictures.

So happened this weekend when I had to go to a juniors league inline hockey game. A bunch of kids playing hockey on their inline skates? Sounds pretty silly, right? True, but only until they kick off.  The whole thing turned out to be extremely spectacular and much more fun than I expected. And getting a decent picture in was even more difficult than I expected. Yet, watching these kids and their fairplay impressed me a lot. It was all about speed, precision and sports. Violence had no place in their game. They were fighting, but playful, for the win and not against their opponent. Awesome. I wished some participants of the last FIFA WCC could have seen these kids and learned from them - what it means to play a game.

When you get a chance to watch an inline hockey game, do it. It's not silly at all but sports at its best.